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Distribution of the Verizon Connect Fleet Trends Report

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The scale of the project, as well as the need for a relatively quick turnaround, was a considerable challenge here. In order to draw the audience’s attention to the most important data and present it in a more interactive way, as well as to more easily measure interest in the report, we proposed expanding it to include a digital aspect.

For the client’s designated contacts from 9 countries (Belgium, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Portugal, the UK and Italy), we prepared packages in their native language, in a specially designed envelope with a pan-European version of the report and a letter addressed specifically to the recipient.

At the same time, we began work on the website – a virtual platform where each recipient of the “Fleet Technology Trends in Europe” report could access additional information and statistics on fleet trends and technologies in their country. Access to this data required entering a short code on the site, included in a letter included in the physical shipment.

The platform was a demo of the Verizon Connect Reveal solution – the interface was based on the company’s real-world software and allowed users to see its most important features, such as notifications about road events, driver data and vehicle statistics. To increase the visual appeal of the site, we used animated, three-dimensional elements (such as moving vehicles in the background graphics) realized in WebGL technology.

In order to interest the audience in the upcoming report and its contents, we have prepared a a series of dedicated mailings, which were distributed at various stages of the project:

  • on the day the report was sent
  • shortly before the shipment arrived
  • on the day the shipment arrived
  • a week after the report was delivered, as a reminder

Each mailing included a link to a page with a virtual dedicated report (accessible by entering a code) – but even before receiving the package, the recipient could see an animated map with a simulation of the route the report would take before reaching its destination – referring to similar features in Verizon Connect solutions. The vehicle’s movement was simulated based on real data on acceptable speeds on road sections downloaded from the Google Maps API.

  • Successful distribution of the report to more than 1,100 recipients
  • Increased awareness of potential customers about the benefits of GPS monitoring for fleets
  • Verification of leads most interested in the report through digital activities